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Work place accidents happen much too frequently. As we begin 2017, we would like to remind you of the potential dangers that can lurk on job sites, especially when it comes to faulty equipment. That’s what appears to be the cause of a tragic incident in Jacksonville this week that claimed the life of a Coast Guard veteran. Bruce Krost died after a 30-foot fall from a scissor lift.

Krost was using the lift to change halogen lighting at the top of a warehouse on Philips Highway. He owned a lighting company in Orange Park for decades. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, it looks like the scissor lift tipped over when Krost was on top of it. The 74-year old hit his head on the concrete below. JSO spokesman Jay Farhat told reporters there was definitely equipment failure with the crane. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be called in to investigate.

Unfortunately, these occurrences are all too common. At the Law Firm of Pajcic & Pajcic, we have handled numerous cases involving similar incidents at the work place and even in homes. In many of our cases, we discover these tragedies could have been prevented. This is especially true if it is found that the product was defective. Below are links to some of our previous cases involving falls.


Over $1 Million for Death after Bus Hits Manlift


According to information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014, 798 workers died from falls on the job in both the private sector and government worksites.

In an interview with WJXT, safety expert Danny Hodge said falls in the construction industry are the number one cause of injury and death. Hodge said, “When the lift goes out, the center of gravity changes. And if the ground is not stable when you operate a lift, it can cause it to tip.”