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Anita Lake

Medical Malpractice Case Manager Anita LakeAnita Lake has been working on plaintiff's medical malpractice cases since 1985, and she has been a case manager specializing in medical malpractice at The Law Firm of Pajcic & Pajcic since 1995. She has worked on close to 1,000 cases in her career and is proud of her numerous substantial verdicts.

Anita has a passion for working on malpractice cases. She pores through client's medical records trying to track down the mistakes and errors that may have been made. With her vast knowledge of medicine and the law and a very keen eye, Anita can help unravel the mysteries that often occur in malpractice cases. She is also in contact with top doctors all over the United States who assist as expert witnesses.

Personal Interests

Anita loves anything outdoors and anything to do with water. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, boating and the beach. She also spends countless hours working in the yard and treasures spending time with her teenage daughter.

Anita Lake's work at Pajcic & Pajcic includes:

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