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Florida is home to a vibrant motorcycle culture, and for good reason. Because of the beautiful weather in the Sunshine State, bikers can enjoy the open road all year long. Unfortunately, that does mean they're also at elevated risk. Too many Florida motorists don't understand motorcycle safety. They fail to share the road with bikers, and the consequences can be catastrophic.

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Because they don't have the enclosed body of a passenger car or truck protecting them, motorcyclists are at increased risk of being seriously hurt in an accident. And their troubles don't end there. Insurance companies tend to view bikers as irresponsible, reckless operators, even though most are very conscious of safety. You need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer from The Law Firm of Pajcic & Pajcic to help.


Since 1974, our law firm has been representing victims of motorcycle accidents in Jacksonville and throughout Florida. We understand what makes motorcycle accidents different. We know how to build strong cases on behalf of injured bikers. And our experienced trial attorneys can overcome the bias against motorcyclists and help our clients recover fair compensation. In one case, we recovered $1¼ million for a motorcycle accident victim - even though the defendant driver only had a $25,000 policy.

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Why do motorcycle accidents happen? Usually, it's because a motorist failed to drive safely. Almost half of these accidents happen when a vehicle turns in front of a bike. In other cases, bikers are rear-ended, forced off the road, T-boned at intersections or hit car doors that are unexpectedly opened into their lane.

When that happens, we go to work. We'll talk to witnesses, review evidence from the accident scene and find out why your accident happened. Then we'll handle negotiations with the at-fault driver's insurance and any other liable party to get you a fair settlement. If they won't make a fair offer, which is quite common in motorcycle cases, we're prepared to go to trial. Our goal is to get you fair compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and other expenses related to the accident. From start to finish, we'll take care of your legal case so that you can focus on getting back on the road.

Remember, time is critical in a motorcycle case. That's why we encourage you to contact us right away. If you can't come to our Jacksonville office for your free consultation, we'll come to you - at home, at work or in your hospital room. Call 904-358-8881 today.

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    Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are at serious risk of being killed in accidents. That's because they have much less protection than people inside cars, even if they wear helmets and other protective gear. If you lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, we may be able to pursue compensation for the loss of income, care and companionship from that person, as well as medical and burial expenses and your own emotional distress. While no lawsuit can bring your loved one back, our compassionate attorneys may be able to help you move forward.

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    Unfortunately, too many motorcycle accident victims suffer injuries to the head or brain because they are so exposed in the event of a crash. Head injuries often mean traumatic brain injuries, which can have far-reaching and lifelong effects. You may need medical care or other services for the rest of your life. You need an experienced Jacksonville motorcycle accident attorney on your side to fight for the compensation you need to pay for those services.

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    Losing a leg or arm in an accident has catastrophic and permanent consequences. You may not be able to work or care for loved ones as you could before the accident. Your home or vehicle may need modifications to accommodate your permanent disability. If your injury required amputation or otherwise resulted in the loss of a limb, Pajcic & Pajcic can help you get the compensation you need to keep moving forward.

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    Not every injury sustained in a motorcycle accident is visible. Some crashes cause internal bleeding and organ damage that can be life-threatening. That's why it's so important to see a doctor right away - and why you need an experienced attorney on your side. If your injury required surgery or other significant medical intervention to repair, we'll help you seek justice.

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    The legs are the most frequently injured body part in motorcycle accidents, and those injuries can have serious long-term implications. Leg injuries can massively impact your mobility and thus your ability to do your job or care for loved ones.

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    It's common for a biker who is thrown to the ground in an accident to put an arm out to break a fall, or to wrap the arms around the body before impact. This can lead to nerve damage in the arm and partial or total paralysis. The long-term implications of a biker's arm injury can be severe: You may be unable to work or care for loved ones. Your home or vehicle may need modifications. Our attorneys will fight for fair compensation for the long-term cost of your injury.

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    There's a reason bikers usually wear denim or leather clothing: It protects against skin injuries when the rider's skin hits the pavement during an accident. But even with that protection, these skin injuries, known as road rash, can occur. Road rash injuries can be serious, especially if dirt or gravel from the road surface enters the wound. You may need skin grafts or reconstructive surgery to repair the damage. That's why you need our law firm's help to pursue fair compensation.

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