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Attorneys Discuss Rare, But Fatal, Truck Wheel Separation Accidents

They are often regarded as “freak accidents.” Truck crashes caused by wheel separation are typically rare. When they occur, they often create a path of destruction. Unfortunately, many truck wheel separations go unreported. When an unsuspecting motorist is suddenly struck by a rogue wheel, the source may be unknown at the time of the crash....

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Technology Helps Monitor Dangerous Truck Drivers

Large commercial trucks are a necessity to Florida’s economy. But when there is negligence, they can also pose a serious risk to all road users. In order to mitigate the risk of truck accidents, a fleet monitoring system called Lytx is being implemented into many large commercial trucks. Lytx is a risk management program that collects data via video telematics, which the company says “combines video data,...

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How Safe is Truck Safety Technology, Jacksonville FL Attorneys Discuss

The wave of the future is here for the trucking industry. Many of its vehicles come fully equipped or retrofitted with modern safety technology that could reduce the likelihood of a roadway catastrophe. This includes:   Lane-departure warning systems: Alerts drivers when their vehicles begin to veer into another lane or off the road.   Collision-avoidance alerts: When a collision hazard...

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Importance of Truck Accident Reconstruction in Jacksonville

Accidents involving large commercial trucks are far more complex than those involving regular passenger vehicles. With a fully loaded trailer, a large truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. A crash with one of these massive vehicles can be devastating and result in catastrophic or fatal injuries to those involved. Finding evidence after a...

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Will New Stopping Technology Prevent Truck Accidents In Jacksonville?

Passenger vehicle drivers often share the roads with large commercial trucks in the Jacksonville area. While these big rigs are crucial to our economy, the accidents they cause can be devastating.   Since large commercial trucks weigh up to 80,000 lbs, it can take them more time and distance to stop than it does for passenger vehicles. All...

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Jacksonville Ranked One Of The Least Safe Cities In The Nation For Bicyclists

Florida's roadways are not the most bicycle-friendly. Many roads are connected by intersections with multiple lanes. Moreover, the roads often become packed with elderly drivers and tourists. When bicyclists embark onto these roads, their lives are often at risk.   Bicyclist deaths a serious problem in Florida In 2016, there were a total of 840 bicyclist deaths across the United States, which...

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How Technology Can Prevent Truck Accidents in Jacksonville

Commercial trucks are an invaluable part of our economy. Smaller passenger vehicles often share major roads and highways with these large vehicles. But when a truck driver fails to pay attention, things can take a turn for the worse. A truck accident that took the lives of four vehicle occupants at the Illinois-Indiana border last...

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Fatal Wrong-Way Crashes On Jacksonville Roads

Imagine the panic of driving on a bridge and suddenly you are facing another car head-on. This has happened three times in Jacksonville in less than a week, leading to fatalities in all three crashes.A Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson told The Florida Times-Union investigators are still not exactly sure where the drivers took the wrong...

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Worn Out Tires & Wet Roads Can Result in Accidents

We are in the midst of Florida's rainy season, which began in May and is expected to continue through October 15th. Additionally, this is the time of year when average temperatures are at their peak. That's why AAA is urging drivers to check their tires for wear and tear. Worn-out tires, hot temperatures and wet...

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