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Jacksonville Ranked One Of The Least Safe Cities In The Nation For Bicyclists

Florida's roadways are not the most bicycle-friendly. Many roads are connected by intersections with multiple lanes. Moreover, the roads often become packed with elderly drivers and tourists. When bicyclists embark onto these roads, their lives are often at risk.   Bicyclist deaths a serious problem in Florida In 2016, there were a total of 840 bicyclist deaths across the United States, which...

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How Technology Can Prevent Truck Accidents in Jacksonville

Commercial trucks are an invaluable part of our economy. Smaller passenger vehicles often share major roads and highways with these large vehicles. But when a truck driver fails to pay attention, things can take a turn for the worse. A truck accident that took the lives of four vehicle occupants at the Illinois-Indiana border last...

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Fatal Wrong-Way Crashes On Jacksonville Roads

Imagine the panic of driving on a bridge and suddenly you are facing another car head-on. This has happened three times in Jacksonville in less than a week, leading to fatalities in all three crashes.A Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson told The Florida Times-Union investigators are still not exactly sure where the drivers took the wrong...

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Worn Out Tires & Wet Roads Can Result in Accidents

We are in the midst of Florida's rainy season, which began in May and is expected to continue through October 15th. Additionally, this is the time of year when average temperatures are at their peak. That's why AAA is urging drivers to check their tires for wear and tear. Worn-out tires, hot temperatures and wet...

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Florida Ranks Top Three in Hit-and-Run Accidents

Florida finds itself at the top spot on a troubling list. The Sunshine State ranks alongside New Mexico and Louisiana in the top 3 states for hit-and-run accidents per capita. And a study conducted by the American Automobile Association found that from 2006 to 2016, nationwide rates of hit-and-run accidents have increased. Across the country,...

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Quiet Hybrid Cars and Pedestrians

More Floridians are out walking and riding bikes than ever before, but there could be a silent danger lurking that we must be aware of. In the past, pedestrians and bikers could hear vehicles approaching, but with more quiet hybrid cars on the road, they may not always know if a vehicle is nearby. Now...

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Trump Is Rolling Back Trucking Safety Regulations

President Trump's administration is rolling back safety regulations in the trucking industry, some of which hadn't yet been implemented. Among these are regulations which require annual inspections of commercial bus operators, as well as a requirement stating that all railroads must have at least two crew members per train. In addition, the administration repealed a...

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Safety Tips When Driving Near Large Trucks

Sharing the road with big trucks is a fact of life. Whether you're driving on I-95, I-295, I-10 or one of the other countless highways and roadways in the Jacksonville area, you're going to encounter 18-wheelers. Big rigs can be intimidating because of their size and noise alone. And they do pose a danger, largely...

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Florida Motorcycle Passengers at Higher Risk of Head Injuries

Nobody needs to be told that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, especially in the event of an accident. A recent report from Reuters, though, reveals that motorcycle passengers are more likely than riders to become victims of traumatic brain injuries. Citing a study appearing on The Jama Network, Reuters notes that motorcycle passengers suffered...

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