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Infotainment Systems May Be More Distracting for Older Drivers in Jacksonville

Technology doesn't have to be held in the palm of your hand to cause distraction behind the wheel. In fact, many new cars come standard with built-in infotainment systems that entail many of the same features found in a smartphone. They could include GPS navigation, phone calls, food ordering apps, and music streaming services. Infotainment...

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Fears that trucking accidents will rise if feds relax hours-of-service for truckers

We have hours-of-service regulations in place for a reason: to prevent truck crashes caused by drowsy driving. Under current regulations, truck drivers can only drive up to 11 hours within a 14-hour on-duty time period. In addition, truckers must take a 30-minute break when driving for more than eight hours and must have 10 consecutive...

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Safety Advocates Push for Speed Limiters on Large Commercial Trucks

Road Safe America is leading a campaign for speed limiters on all Class 8 trucks (the heaviest of trucks, including tractor-trailers), according to, a trucking website. The group wants to limit semi-trucks to 65 mph. The nonprofit group’s web page, “Big-Rig Speed-Limiter Use Must Be Required on Large Trucks,” encourages people to contact their...

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Majority supports young truck drivers crossing state lines

The DRIVE-Safe Act was re-introduced to legislators this spring, and bi-partisan supporters say it will address the shortage of truck drivers across the nation, including here in Florida. The act is an update to federal law. It includes safety standards that allow younger drivers to enter the trucking industry by driving interstate commerce. Survey results...

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Lawmakers Bring Back the “Stop Underrides Act”

Underride truck accidents are common risk drivers face when sharing the road with large trucks. The trailers on semi-trucks are raised just enough for smaller vehicles to get crushed underneath. When these accidents occur, occupants of cars usually sustain injuries to the neck and head. Since the damage occurs above the hood of a car,...

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Technology Helps Monitor Dangerous Truck Drivers

Large commercial trucks are a necessity to Florida’s economy. But when there is negligence, they can also pose a serious risk to all road users. In order to mitigate the risk of truck accidents, a fleet monitoring system called Lytx is being implemented into many large commercial trucks. Lytx is a risk management program that collects data via video telematics, which the company says “combines video data,...

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How Safe is Truck Safety Technology, Jacksonville FL Attorneys Discuss

The wave of the future is here for the trucking industry. Many of its vehicles come fully equipped or retrofitted with modern safety technology that could reduce the likelihood of a roadway catastrophe. This includes:   Lane-departure warning systems: Alerts drivers when their vehicles begin to veer into another lane or off the road.   Collision-avoidance alerts: When a collision hazard...

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Importance of Truck Accident Reconstruction in Jacksonville

Accidents involving large commercial trucks are far more complex than those involving regular passenger vehicles. With a fully loaded trailer, a large truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. A crash with one of these massive vehicles can be devastating and result in catastrophic or fatal injuries to those involved. Finding evidence after a...

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