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Our law firm helps people hurt by dangerous products

Any company that manufactures or distributes a product has a legal and ethical responsibility to make sure that product is safe when used as intended. Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not meet that responsibility, putting profits ahead of safety. When that happens, consumers can be injured or killed.

Under Florida law, those negligent manufacturers and distributors can be held responsible for compensating the victims through personal injury claims. However, actually holding those companies accountable is almost always difficult. They have significant resources and teams of attorneys ready to defend their products.

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    That's why you need an experienced product liability lawyer from The Law Firm of Pajcic & Pajcic on your side. We've handled cases involving all of the following areas of product liability:

    Whether you were hurt due to a faulty product at home, on the road or at work, you deserve fair compensation for your injuries. Contact us today.

    Proving liability in defective product cases

    Manufacturers and distributors can be held accountable when a defect in their product can be shown to have contributed to an injury. There are three major types of defects covered under product liability law:

    In order to prove liability in a defective product claim, our attorneys will comb through the company's records and look for any indication that the manufacturer may have known the product was dangerous. If we can establish a pattern of unsafe acts, we may be able to pursue punitive damages in addition to fair compensation for your injuries.

    We'll fight to get the compensation and closure you need

    Injuries caused by defective products can have life-altering consequences. You may not be able to work. The medical bills are piling up. You may need replacement services, such as childcare or housework, while you are recovering. You may have even lost a loved one due to a dangerous product.

    That's why we want to meet with you for a free consultation. You don't have to go through this alone. Our compassionate attorneys will listen to your story, advise you of your legal rights and work with you to get the compensation and closure you need to move forward. Call 904-358-8881 today.

    Vehicle Crashworthiness

    Auto manufacturers are expected to produce vehicles that are safe to operate and protect their occupants in the event of a collision. Unfortunately, too many vehicles on the roads today don't meet those standards. Some defects, such as issues with steering or brakes, make a crash more likely to happen in the first place. Others, such as defective seat belts and airbags, can cause much more serious injuries when an accident does happen.

    Pajcic & Pajcic has obtained significant recoveries from nearly every major vehicle manufacturer in the United States over the past four decades. Some of our most significant results include a $10.2 million verdict for a Ford Explorer roof collapse, a multi-million recovery for a young man who died in a fiery crash, and a multi-million recovery for a young man paralyzed in a Jeep rollover case.

    These cases can be quite complex with multiple defendants involved - typically, both a manufacturer and an at-fault driver - and teams of defense attorneys working to reduce or deny the victim's claim. Our experienced auto defect injury lawyers know how to build strong cases and overcome those obstacles to get our clients the compensation they need.

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    Workplace Product Liability

    Many serious product liability accidents happen in the workplace. In many industries, workers use heavy equipment, hazardous substances and other products that can cause serious or fatal injuries if there is any malfunction. Some of our recoveries in these cases include $1 million for a laborer who fell from a scaffold and a six-figure recovery for a worker whose legs were crushed in a pipe factory.

    Don't assume that your injuries will be covered under workers' compensation. If you were hurt on the job by a product manufactured by a third party, you have the right to fair compensation - and to hold the manufacturer accountable. Contact Pajcic & Pajcic for a free consultation.

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    Maritime Product Liability

    Boats, ships and offshore facilities have many components that, if not properly manufactured or installed, can put passengers and workers in serious danger. Our attorneys know how to find critical evidence in these complex cases and hold those negligent manufacturers accountable. In one case, we recovered $2.2 million for leg injuries when a boat engine exploded; in another, we obtained a multi-million-dollar recovery for a death on a boat due to a malfunctioning carbon monoxide detector.

    Maritime product liability cases can be difficult to litigate. Evidence disappears quickly. Multiple defendants may be involved depending on who was responsible for maintaining the boat. Our attorneys know how to work through these complexities and fight for fair compensation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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