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Laborer Gets $1 Million Policy Limits after Fall from Scaffold

Laborer Gets 1 MillionThe owners of a Yulee bar decided to remodel and expand. They rented equipment and hired John Doe to do the sheetrock. Despite John's limited experience and blindness in one eye, he was left in a room alone at the top of a rented scaffold 20 feet in the air.

The bar owners heard a scream and a crash and ran in to find the scaffold on the floor next to John, motionless and bleeding from his head. Although Mr. Doe now looks good, he has never really recovered from the fall, especially the traumatic brain injury.

The bar owners had no workers compensation or liability insurance of any kind and refused to cooperate with Pajcic & Pajcic or its investigators. The Fernandina Beach store that had rented the scaffold also ignored all letters and inquiries.

Laborer Gets 1 Million 2It was only by filing suit and notifying the manufacturer of the scaffold that Pajcic & Pajcic found out that the rental company did have insurance. The company was at fault because it had rented the scaffold without guardrails, stabilizers or outriggers. Upon demand by Pajcic & Pajcic the insurance company timely paid its full limits.

With the recovery Mr. Doe no longer feels like a burden to his family. When it came time for the Yulee bar to put up dance lights and decorations, the owners rented a scaffold again. This time it came with safety equipment and a packet of instructions.

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