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While it's easy to think of a nursing home as a residence, the reality is that it is a medical facility first and foremost. That means residents are entitled by law to a high standard of care - the same standard that a doctor or hospital owes its patients. Their needs should be the highest priority of the staff, and when we bring our loved ones to a nursing home, we trust that they will be cared for appropriately.

Unfortunately, too many families have learned that that is not always the case. Doctors, nurses and other staff in nursing homes often fail to provide the level of care that we expect for our parents, grandparents and other loved ones. When that happens, you need an experienced and compassionate nursing home negligence lawyer from The Law Firm of Pajcic & Pajcic to hold them accountable.

We can help with the serious and complex issue of nursing home malpractice

Because nursing homes are medical facilities and residents are patients undergoing medical care, many errors that happen in nursing homes are covered under medical malpractice laws. Some common types of medical errors that happen in nursing homes include:

  • Failure to effectively treat serious illnesses or medical conditions.
  • Medication errors, such as administering the wrong medication, the wrong dose, or at the wrong time.
  • Medication interactions, as nursing home residents are often on multiple medications.
  • Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis of a treatable condition.
  • Failure to treat bedsores, causing potentially life-threatening infections.
  • Failure to treat dehydration or malnutrition.

Nursing homes are required to keep meticulous records of any medications or treatments their residents receive. If your loved one was hurt, our nursing home malpractice attorneys will comb through those records to find out what happened.

We help the families of people who have been abused, neglected or exploited

Not every injury that happens in a nursing home is due to a medical error. Because nursing home residents are so dependent on their caretakers, the potential for abuse and neglect is high. Pajcic & Pajcic helps victims of all of the following types of abuse and neglect:

  • Failure to provide residents with food, drink and other basic needs.
  • Failure to turn residents in bed, leading to pressure ulcers (bedsores).
  • Physical abuse, whether committed by staff or by other residents due to staff negligence.
  • Emotional abuse such as yelling at, belittling or isolating residents.
  • Sexual abuse, whether committed by staff, visitors or other residents.
  • Financial exploitation, such as double-billing for services, billing for services not actually rendered, or identity theft.

Building a strong case against a nursing home can be difficult. Victims and witnesses may have trouble remembering or explaining what happened. Nursing homes may try to destroy or falsify records to cover up their wrongdoing. In order to find the evidence you need to hold the people who hurt your loved one accountable, you need an experienced nursing home negligence attorney on your side. Contact Pajcic & Pajcic today.

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