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Doctors have a duty to their patients to practice safe, effective medicine, follow accepted standards of care and avoid causing injury. Fortunately, the majority of doctors follow through on that responsibility. Unfortunately, some doctors practice reckless or otherwise unsafe medicine, and even a single negligent doctor can cause many patients to be hurt. Physicians in any medical field can make serious treatment errors that give rise to legitimate medical malpractice claims.

Since 1974, The Law Firm of Pajcic & Pajcic has been holding those negligent physicians accountable. Our legal team has successfully pursued malpractice claims against doctors in a broad range of specialties, including surgeons, psychiatrists, obstetricians, dentists, oncologists, anesthesiologists and emergency room physicians.

We handle a full range of medical malpractice claims against doctors

Doctors in nearly any field of medicine can commit dangerous errors at every stage of treatment. Our medical malpractice lawyers have experience handling cases involving all of the following errors and more:

  • Medication errors. This includes cases where the doctor prescribes the wrong medication or the wrong dosage. It also includes situations where a patient received a medication that interacted negatively with another medication due to a doctor's failure to check for those harmful interactions. In one case, we recovered $1.925 million from an ER doctor who prescribed excessive dosage.
  • Surgical errors. Many of these errors are so-called "never events" - situations where a doctor operates on the wrong body part or even the wrong patient, leaves a surgical tool inside the patient's body or otherwise makes an egregious error. These mistakes may require a second, corrective surgery at significant cost and risk to the patient. Or they may involve inappropriate follow-up care after a surgery; in one case, we recovered a multi-million-dollar verdict after a patient died due to receiving a high dose of painkillers after surgery.
  • Failure to diagnose/wrong diagnosis. Serious illnesses are often treatable if a medical professional makes the correct diagnosis early on. Certainly, no doctor can be expected to diagnose every illness with perfect accuracy, but physicians are expected to follow accepted and appropriate diagnostic standards of care. When doctors fail to order medically necessary tests or ignore evidence, they put patients at serious risk. Pajcic & Pajcic has handled several of those cases, including a $1.75 million wrongful death recovery for misdiagnosis of a diabetic emergency and a $1.2 million recovery after a neurologist ignored a CT scan.
  • Negligent discharge. There's a reason patients need to be cleared by a doctor before discharging from inpatient care. It is the physician's responsibility to make sure the patient is safe to go home. Unfortunately, some doctors, perhaps hoping to cut costs or move on to see other patients, discharge their patients before they are ready. In one notable case, we recovered $1 million for the negligent discharge of a suicidal patient.

Time and again, our attorneys have held negligent doctors accountable for the harm they have caused to the people in their care. Such cases are never easy to handle. They require extensive research to uncover the truth of what happened and tireless litigation as doctors and their employers dispute liability. But we consistently see these cases through because we are committed to helping our clients rebuild their lives.

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