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Weather-Related Crashes in Jacksonville

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Jacksonville residents and tourists often enjoy the beautiful weather that the Sunshine State has to offer. However, the weather can be brutal at times. Furthermore, hazardous weather conditions can take drivers by surprise, especially those who aren't prepared.

It's best to avoid operating a motor vehicle during inclement weather, but if you must drive, do so with caution. Motorists are expected to maintain a safe speed and distance from other vehicles. Failure to do so put others at risk.

If the negligence of another motorist caused your accident during inclement weather, an experienced car accident attorney can help. With decades of legal knowledge regarding weather-related crashes, we are dedicated to helping accident victims in Jacksonville. Contact Pajcic & Pajcic today so we can discuss your options.

Weather that Florida drivers should be prepared for

Florida weather can be severe, and at times, unpredictable. The most common weather conditions that contribute to car accidents include:

  • Fog: Especially during the early morning hours, fog can make a significant impact on visibility on Florida roadways. Our firm has handled multiple serious injury and death cases involving fog.
  • Heavy rain: Rainfall in Florida increases during the summer months, which usually brings heavy downpours, flooding and frequent ponding. The increase in rainfall can inhibit drivers' vision and cause hydroplaning. This is especially dangerous when driving on Florida's highways.
  • Tornadoes: Tornado season in Florida usually starts in February and runs through May. At the first sight of a funnel cloud, it's advisable for drivers to seek shelter immediately. However, the forceful winds of a nearby tornado can disrupt vehicle stability.
  • Hurricanes: During the hurricane season, which runs from June to November, Florida is often the first state to be impacted. If a hurricane is approaching, it's best to postpone your plans and seek shelter. The aftermath of a hurricane can result in flooding, road debris and other hazards that can put Florida drivers at risk of an accident.
  • Wind gusts: While brief wind gusts are usually harmless, Florida drivers should always pay attention and maintain control of their vehicles during windy conditions. Gusts as low as 25-miles-per-hour are strong enough to disrupt the stability of a vehicle, putting drivers at risk of veering out of their lane.
  • Ice, snow, freezing rain: While winter weather conditions, typical of the northern states, rarely happen in Florida, they still remain a possibility. Since Florida drivers are usually unprepared for this type of weather, numerous accidents can occur. Drivers who aren't accustomed to slippery conditions may not know how to prevent tire spinouts or accidents caused by sliding.

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    Inclement weather can be unavoidable in the Sunshine State. However, drivers can take precautions to reduce their chances of being involved in a weather-related crash. If another motorist failed to drive responsibly during hazardous weather and caused your accident, you may be eligible for compensation for your losses.

    Sometimes state and local municipalities can be held liable if they failed to clear the roads of debris and other weather-related obstacles that can cause an accident.

    No matter what caused your weather-related crash, you need the legal help of an experienced Jacksonville auto accident attorney. Contact Pajcic & Pajcic today for a free case evaluation, and find out what we can do for you. You can also call our Jacksonville office at 904-358-8881.

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