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In Darkness of Fog with no Time to React

in darknessBig trucks can be particularly perilous when their reckless driving is obscured by darkness, fog or road conditions. In the last half of 1998, Pajcic & Pajcic concluded cases involving five deaths caused by killer trucks where darkness or road conditions obscured the victim's view of the dangerous driving. Pajcic & Pajcic has three other pending cases of similar wrongful deaths which occurred during the last year.
In most of the cases the big trucks were improperly entering the roadway or making a u-turn. Some of the trucks lacked reflective tape or side lighting, in violation of federal conspicuity regulations. In all the cases the trucking companies have tried to shift the blame to the dead plaintiff. It is the plaintiff lawyer's job to see that justice is done.

Absence of reflective tape on the side of the trailer provided basis for substantial recovery.

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