Intersection Accidents

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Car accidents happen every day. More often than not, they are the product of pure driver negligence. Intersections are everywhere, each with its own amount of stops or lights, and each with its own set of dangers. Failure to yield to the flow of traffic or right of way, speeding and running stoplights or signs (often due to distracted driving) are common factors in intersection accidents.

The Law Firm of Pajcic & Pajcic knows that negligent drivers too often aren’t held fully accountable for their actions. If you’ve been injured and have suffered losses we will help you resolve your case.

What causes an intersection accident?

Intersections can prove to be difficult for many drivers. It is easy for speeding motorists in a rush to think the rules of the road don’t apply to them. Yellow lights typically last several seconds, and within that time a driver should be slowing to a halt. Many people feel that they can slam on the gas and beat the eventual red light, only to cause a T-bone accident.

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These accidents make up a significant portion of road collisions, and could be avoided if drivers obeyed the laws. Head-on collisions can also occur, and sudden stops to avoid a collision can lead to a rear-end crash. Common causes for intersection accidents can include, but are not limited to:

Intersection accidents can be deadly. At any point, a red light or traffic stop could be run at high speeds, causing a scene of total chaos. A distracted driver could turn into an oncoming vehicle, stopping traffic and causing injuries or death.

Why are yellow lights important to preventing intersection accidents?

Known as “amber time,” a yellow light that lasts is meant to advise drivers to slow down and stop for an oncoming red light. It also means that oncoming traffic will swiftly be approaching. If a driver runs a yellow light, they risk running what has now turned into a red light, thus putting themselves in the line of oncoming traffic. Some intersections, such as those that cross main roads, have cars possibly traveling at very high speeds. A collision at any speed can be devastating, but upwards of 50mph can easily be fatal.

Who is responsible for my intersection accident?

Anyone who has violated a traffic law is most likely responsible for an accident that occurs afterwards. Red-light cameras are frequently placed at intersections, and are triggered by cars driving above certain designated speeds through the light. The camera flashes, snapping a photo of the offending vehicle and their license plate.   Sometimes these red light cameras can make drivers more aware and force them to stop running lights. They may also help apprehend those responsible in hit-and-run accidents.

Liability in Florida is designated by a comparative negligence system, in which fault is assigned by percentages. This can lead to complex disputes over liability when a crash occurs at an intersection, as many vehicles may be involved. One of the most important steps to take following a car accident is contacting a lawyer to represent your side.

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