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Brenda Postell

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Case Manager

Brenda Postell

Brenda Postell has a passion for helping people so her work as a case manager has been a perfect fit. She has been in the personal injury field since 1986. She came to The Law Firm of Pajcic and Pajcic in 2005 and was quickly promoted to case manager the following year.

Committed to Individual Attention


Brenda is a natural at helping comfort and guide clients through the legal system. She is a reassuring voice when things seem overwhelming. She serves in ministry with her husband, Rev. Kelvin Postell, who is Senior Pastor of Greater Works International Faith Ministries. The skills she’s learned in her church ministry gives her the ability to counsel and assist on many levels. She says most clients become like family members and she stays in touch with many of them way beyond the resolution of their cases.


Brenda is an accomplished gospel singer and has served in Ministry for over 25 years. She is also a Worship Leader, having ministered in her local church and all over the country. Prior to supporting her husband in ministry, she was Director of the Music Department and on the Leadership Team of the First Baptist Church of Oakland. Brenda loves spending time with her husband, Pastor Kelvin Postell and the 5 children and 2 grandchildren they have in their blended family. Travel is one of her favorite pastimes.


Brenda was instrumental in securing $75,000 in scholarship money for deserving students as part of The Church of God In Christ’s Department of Urban Initiatives. She is very involved in politics and has served as a poll watcher, waved signs and handed out campaign literature.


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“Over 1 Million for Death After Bus Hits Manlift”

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