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Trump Is Rolling Back Trucking Safety Regulations

Jacksonville truck accident attorneyPresident Trump's administration is rolling back safety regulations in the trucking industry, some of which hadn't yet been implemented. Among these are regulations which require annual inspections of commercial bus operators, as well as a requirement stating that all railroads must have at least two crew members per train.

In addition, the administration repealed a regulation for future cars and light trucks to be equipped with vehicle-to-vehicle communications, designed to prevent accidents. These rollbacks are coming, according to the President, in the interest of economic growth.

Economic growth before public safety

These changes have caused a good deal of concern across the trucking industry. John Risch is the legislative director for the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers. "We're in a new era now of little-to-no new regulations," he said, "no matter how beneficial they might be." While it is debatable whether a reduction in regulations will produce greater economic growth, rolling back important safety regulations certainly does increase the risk of accidents.

The federal Department of Transportation released a brief statement from their deputy general counsel, James Owen, in response to these rollbacks. Though the laws have been repealed, the DOT claims it will not change or implement a new regulation without justification. "We will not finalize a rule simply because it has advanced through preliminary steps... if that rule is not justifiable because it harms safety and imposes unnecessarily high economic costs, for example, that rule will not advance."

If you've been hurt, we can help

Any industry as potentially dangerous as the trucking industry must be well-regulated. It is the duty of the lawmakers in our country to act in the best interest of the people they serve. Negating regulations intended to protect truckers and other drivers is predicted to increase the number of accidents. In fact, many of the rules put in place in the trucking industry were written in the wake of tragic accidents.

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