With IKEA Opening In Jacksonville, Be Mindful Of Dresser Recall

The furniture store IKEA recently opened to great fanfare in Jacksonville. However, before shopping for new furniture, customers need to be aware of a potentially deadly danger lurking in their current home furniture. The death of an 8th child has prompted Ikea to relaunch a recall effort of its "Malm" and other dressers. The dresser is...

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Bicycle Accidents Are Still On The Rise In Florida

Bike riding is a passion for many of us at The Pajcic Firm. Steve and Michael Pajcic usually ride their bikes to the office each day. And they are not alone. Over the last few years, biking has seen a gain in popularity among Floridians, and it isn't hard to see why. Biking has always...

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Lane Departure Warning Systems Prevent Accidents

In recent years, auto manufacturers have been incorporating many new safety features into their vehicles. One such feature is the lane departure warning system. If a car equipped with this system travels over the yellow middle line and into the path of oncoming traffic, this system will alert the driver who can then return to...

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Liability in Florida Log Truck Accidents

As noted by The Orlando Sentinel, the timber industry in Florida is booming as the demand for timber grows globally. Northern Florida is home to dozens of lumber mills and pine-straw, bark, and wood-pellet processing plants. It's a multi-billion-dollar industry with hundreds of millions of that invested in Northern Florida, where the unique soil composition,...

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Jacksonville Truck Accident Attorneys: It's High Time for Side Underride Guards

As more rigs take to the roads with the proliferation of the e-commerce economy shipping goods directly to doorsteps, truck accidents in Jacksonville and across the U.S. are on the rise. Although overall advancing technology is making trucks much safer (i.e., forward collision warnings, automatic braking and in-cabin cameras), there is a simple, low-tech solution...

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Alcohol Use a Danger on the Water

A high-profile lawsuit is a sad reminder of the pain and loss that can occur when alcohol and boating mix. The parents of two men who lost their lives in a boating accident with Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez are suing the late player's estate. All 3 men were killed when the pitcher's boat crashed...

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FHP Initiative Highlights Link Between Aggressive Driving And Truck Accidents

Through March 9 of this year, commercial vehicle enforcement troopers from the Florida Highway Patrol will be taking part in the Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT) campaigns. Troopers will be on the lookout for aggressive driving behaviors including unsafe lane changes, speeding and following too closely. Time and again, our attorneys have seen this...

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