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Elementary School Raises Its Grade from F to A

elementary school raisesGary and Steve Pajcic believe that their old elementary school is special and that others could be too.

Annie R. Morgan raised its FCAT score from F in 2000 to A in 2004. Its achievement is so singular that both Florida's Lieutenant Governor Toni Jennings and the General Counsel of the U. S. Department of Education have personally visited the school to applaud its progress.

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    A few years ago Gary and Steve and their wives Sallyn and Anne donated $1 million to supplement teacher salaries at Annie R. Morgan for the next ten years so that it could attract the quality teachers desperately needed by a failing urban school. The Pajcics also sponsored dinners, awards and scholarships for the teachers and a celebratory carnival for the students.

    The Pajcics believe that all failing schools could be just as special as Annie R. Morgan if they were only given the resources to attract high quality teachers and administrators.

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