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Chicago, IL - In February 1994, our client, a project superintendent, fell through a hidden skylight and sustained a traumatic brain injury and disfiguring fractures. We settled his tort case for cash and annuities with a present value of nearly $5 million.

Petersburg, VA - In May 2001, an auto accident turned deadly when a Ford Explorer rolled over and the roof collapsed, crushing a woman's head. We represented her family and recovered a $10.2 million verdict.

Homosassa, FL - We represented a man who was left a quadriplegic after a rear-end collision. Even though the at-fault driver had only $25,000 in coverage, we were able to recover $11 million for our client through three different lawsuits over four years.

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    Boston, MA - Our client, a medical software executive, sustained catastrophic brain injuries in a multi-vehicle accidents. We recovered over $7 million from 7 different sources over 7 years of legal action.

    Rocky Mountain, VA - We represented a family who sustained serious injuries after being hit by a drunk driver who had just left an office holiday party. The at-fault driver's employer paid a $3.5 million settlement.

    Lumberton, NC - An old spare tire was to blame for an accident that killed three people and paralyzed a fourth. Our clients, all Haitian nationals legally visiting the United States, were able to resolve their claims against the manufacturer through mediation with our help.

    Tifton, GA - After his neurologist blatantly ignored the results of a CT scan, a man died from brain stem herniation on Christmas 2003. We were able to recover a $1.2 million settlement to provide for his wife and children.

    Orlando, FL - Egregious negligence on the part of several parties led to a woman's death by morphine overdose after a minor outpatient procedure. We recovered a multi-million-dollar settlement for her family from three different defendants.

    Melbourne, FL - A truck accident catastrophically injured our client and killed three other people. Our lengthy investigation revealed egregious violations in the trucker's logs and the trucking company's records, and we recovered a $7 million settlement.

    Seattle, WA - Companies repairing Seattle Kingdome paid for unsafe practices that caused the death of a construction worker while ascending a crane to work on the roof.

    Hollywood, CA - A multinational pharmaceutical company paid after a defective product caused the death of an aspiring Hollywood television producer.

    Laredo, TX - We represented the family of a border patrol agent who died attempting to capture an illegal immigrant. After Pajcic & Pajcic proved the at-fault trucker had fictitious logs (and a prior traffic homicide), the insurance company paid policy limits at the start of trial.

    New Orleans, LA - The family of a New Orleans widow, represented by Pajcic & Pajcic, went to trial after a fatal trucking accident in St. Augustine and recovered more than double what the insurance companies had offered at mediation.

    Oxford, MS - Pajcic & Pajcic represented the family of a young woman who died in a rollover accident while headed to Graceland. We were able to recover a substantial sum from the insurance company for bad faith and from the auto manufacturers for bad tires and vehicle design.

    Atlanta, GA - Worldwide company paid a multi-million-dollar settlement to our client, a man who was making deliveries to Atlanta area stores when he was run over and disabled by a negligently operated forklift.

    New York, NY - A seaman injured in New York Harbor discharges Johnny Cochran and retains Pajcic & Pajcic to handle his claim. We ultimately recovered more than the Cochran Firm had demanded.

    Bronx, NY - We recovered a substantial settlement for a Bronx family from a phantom trucker and from their car manufacturer. Their SUV had rolled over on I-95 in South Carolina after a hit and run sideswipe from a truck.

    Ooltewah, TN - Pajcic & Pajcic handled this wrongful death claim on behalf of the family of a toddler whose seat was ejected during the accident. We won a substantial recovery from the child seat manufacturer along with the at-fault driver.

    Charleston, SC - We represented a young employee of a contractor who sustained a disfiguring electrical shock injury while servicing a power station at a Charleston plant. The plant owner, a multinational corporation, paid when we were able to prove its unsafe practices caused the injury.

    Savannah, GA - Pajcic & Pajcic obtained a $12.5 million judgment for a teacher who was injured and whose husband was killed by a drunk driver on I-95 outside Savannah.

    Panama City, FL - We represented a factory worker who lost a leg and recovered a $2.5 million verdict in our product liability lawsuit for unsafe design of the conveyor system.

    Sebring, FL - An alarm company and its call center subcontractor paid for failing to respond to an alert from elderly woman who lived alone. She died from burns after falling in her shower.

    Fort Pierce, FL - After Fort Pierce juries found that a wrecked vehicle on Florida Turnpike was partly responsible for the deaths of college students in a subsequent accident, the insurance company ended up paying many times the policy limits it had refused to tender.

    Nassau County, FL - A Nassau County jury handed down a $13 million verdict to our teenage client who suffered a catastrophic brain injury in a pre-dawn accident with a log truck on U.S. 1. The truck was trying to make a U-turn after attempting to avoid a weigh station.

    Jacksonville, FL - A tractor-trailer hit a concrete barrier on I-95 and went airborne, landing on top of our client's vehicle and killing him instantly. Our investigation revealed the truck driver was a crack addict and was hired without a proper background check. The victim's wife and children received a $9.65 million settlement.

    Atlantic Ocean - Confidential settlements were reached for two of our clients whose spouses were killed aboard the El Faro. The cargo ship was using antiquated weather data when it headed straight into the path of a hurricane. Our experts produced a powerful animation documenting the ship's deadly path while all other ships in the area avoided the storm.

    Jacksonville, FL - $8 million in recoveries for a young woman who caught on fire as a result of a defective product. A fuel gel candle, which contained an ingredient similar to Napalm, exploded next to her, leaving her permanently scarred.

    Nahunta, GA - A fully loaded log truck plowed through a construction zone, striking another truck and killing its driver instantly. The Nahunta, Georgia man left a wife and two sons. Settlements totaled $9 million from the at-fault trucker's company and the construction company that had improperly placed warning signs.

    Every case is unique, the results in one case do not necessarily indicate the value of another case, and most cases result in lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result. Recoveries are before deduction for attorneys' fees and expenses. Verdicts are before reduction for comparative negligence, setoffs, and high-low agreements. Safety changes can be the result of many factors other than the cases mentioned. 

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