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Sexual Assault in Hospital Elevator

D. F. came to Jacksonville from her home in Texas to visit her sick father at University Medical Center. As D. F. was on the way to her father's room, Steven Cabe, who had been stalking the hospital all day, stopped the elevator between floors and forced D. F. to perform oral sex on him. The elevator had no surveillance cameras and no alarm sounded even though the elevator remained stopped for 20 minutes. The hospital had fewer security personnel on duty than required by its own security plan. D. F. was determined to make the hospital pay so that no other woman would suffer the same humiliation she did. UMC paid $500,000 and Miami Elevator paid an additional confidential amount to settle the case. UMC has since improved the security in its elevators and hospital, but not soon enough to stop the abduction of a newborn from the maternity ward in a notorious incident a few months before the settlement of this case.

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