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Recovery for Deaf, Mute Rape Victim

Jane Doe did not hear the noise when her apartment door was kicked in, but she felt the vibrations. Deaf and mute since birth, she had given birth to her first son only a month earlier and the rapist easily overpowered her.

Before the rape, Jane, her son and his father had been making it on their own financially even though the father also has severe hearing and speaking disabilities. After the rape, Jane could not work, her fiancé lost his job, and the state took the baby alleging they could no longer provide for him. A friend brought the family to Pajcic & Pajcic who got the baby back to his parents and obtained substantial settlement from the apartment complex after proving that over a dozen other apartments in the complex had been robbed with the same M.O.

The settlement has given the family money for a new home and a monthly annuity so that Jane does not have to work anymore, but can stay home to take care of her son and his new baby brother.

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