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Nearly $11 Million Recovered For Man Injured Outside Neptune Beach Bar

In 2012, Josh's life changed forever when he was severely injured in a fight outside the iconic Pete's Bar in Neptune Beach, FL.

The incident began when a man became involved in a shouting match with a group of five other people. When another man arrived to back up his friend, a full-fledged brawl broke out. While trying to break up the fight, Josh took a punch and fell to the ground, hitting his head and severely injuring his brain.

The blow to the head put Josh into a coma for two months. He suffered vision loss and paralysis on the right side of his body and was left unable to speak.

Josh retained attorney Michael Pajcic, who filed a negligent security claim against the bar. Our investigation found that the bar failed to provide security cameras outside the building or security guards anywhere on the property, measures that could have prevented the fight that led to Josh's brain injury. The bar also failed to properly train its employees to respond in such situations.

The nearly $19 Million verdict we reached for Josh in 2016, one of the highest in the state of Florida that year, included compensation for his pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost earnings. The jury also found that the bar was 60 percent at fault and Josh was responsible for the remaining 40 percent, which reduced the final judgment to $11,244,000.

However, the bar's attorneys appealed the verdict, which could have led to many more years of litigation with our client's fate hanging in the balance. In early 2018, we reached a settlement with the bar's insurance company for a little less than the original award of $11.2 million.

Josh has since moved with his wife to Tennessee where they are closer to other relatives. He is able to communicate by saying "yes" or "no" with his hands and is undergoing speech therapy twice a week. The settlement has given Josh greater independence as well as access to the best therapy available. We are grateful not only for the difference this recovery has made in our client's life, but also for the message it will send to other Florida bars about protecting their patrons.

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