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Trucking Collision Leads to Confidential Settlement for Widow Who Lost Her Soulmate

Florida Truck Accident LawyerJohn Doe spent a lifetime in law enforcement. He was described as a straight shooter you could always count on. John was a chief investigator for the State Attorney's Office in the Gainesville and Starke area. He was in charge of a major drug unit and was pictured in Life Magazine working on a high-profile case. Family was always his top priority. He spent much of his free time with his grandchildren and was so happy that he and his wife Jane found their dream home on 20 acres in Alachua County.  They loved working on the land and caring for their cows and donkeys.

One Sunday morning, Jane was getting ready to teach a Sunday school class at her church and John was heading to meet a friend for breakfast. He never got there. He was driving on U.S. 301 in Hawthorne when a semi-tractor trailer for world-renowned retailer inexplicably lost control, crossed the median and swerved directly into John's pickup truck. He did not survive.

Jane was devastated. The love of her life and husband of 38 years was gone in an instant. Eventually, she sought help from Starke attorney Dudley Hardy who guided her to Pajcic & Pajcic, knowing our team has vast experience in handling major truck crashes. Attorneys for the trucking company and retailer also knew of the Pajcics' history of success going to trial in trucking cases. The defense downplayed the damages, arguing that John was 72 years old, had smoked for many years and had no minor children. To demonstrate the full value of the case, our attorneys left no stone unturned, holding six mock trials in two different counties to show defense counsel the risk they'd be taking by going before a jury. In the end, we negotiated a confidential settlement, guaranteeing Jane will always be cared for.

Jane's deep faith has guided her through her darkest days. And while she feels robbed of so much precious time with her beloved husband, she takes great solace in knowing she will be reunited with him again one day.

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