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Two Million for Death of Wife and Mother

When Jane Doe's father-in-law broke down on I-95, he called her for help. Following her father-in-law's instructions, Jane was trying to push his car to the next exit when her car was hit from behind by a U.S. Postal Service truck. Jane did not survive the impact and her death devastated her husband John and their three small children.

Pajcic & Pajcic's accident reconstruction showed substantial liability on the truck because it never slowed down or took evasive action before impact. After discovery revealed the truck driver had a long-standing sleeping disorder, Pajcic & Pajcic hired an expert from Harvard's sleeping disorder clinic whose testimony showed even more fault on the trucker.

At mediation the government agreed to pay $2,000,000, which will allow John to stay home to raise the children the way he knows Jane would like.

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