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Emergency Room Fails To Diagnose Young Woman's Evolving Heart Attack

Jane Doe was an energetic, 42-year-old hairdresser who went to the emergency room because of pain in her chest and arm. She told the emergency room doctor that she was concerned about her heart because her father had just died of a heart attack and she was a smoker.

The doctor performed an EKG which was abnormal. Nonetheless, the doctor told Jane her pains were caused by something she had eaten, and he sent her home and told her to take antacids if needed.

The next night Jane's evolving heart problems culminated in a massive heart attack. The doctor's insurance company paid $400,000 at mediation to settle the claim which Pajcic & Pajcic had filed on behalf of Jane. Although the heart attack has limited Jane's activities and reduced her life expectancy, she has been able to continue as one of the most popular hairdressers in Orange Park.

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