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$1.25 Million Settlement for Woman Dragged by Dogs After Rooster Causes Freak Injury

Jacksonville Premises Liability AttorneysImagine taking your dogs into the veterinarian's office when suddenly a rooster springs out of the bushes at the clinic entrance. Jane Doe's Greyhound and Doberman chased the rooster, all while she was gripping tightly to the dogs' leashes. During the commotion, Jane fell, smashed her head, and lost consciousness.

Jane was hospitalized for eleven days and she spent 6 months going through inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.

The veterinarian's insurance company denied responsibility arguing that the rooster was a wild animal and that Jane contributed to her injuries by not letting go of the leashes. Pajcic & Pajcic's research proved the rooster was not so wild after all. He was somewhat of a mascot of the vet clinic and the staff even named him "Henry".

In the end, the insurance company accepted responsibility and the firm negotiated a fair settlement of $1.25 million. Jane was able to return to her job of 30 years in technology solutions for a global bank. She has since retired, enjoying her days with her pups and making sure her surroundings are fowl free.

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