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40 Years of Service

The Pajcic & Pajcic Interactive Timeline


Gary and Steve Pajcic form Pajcic and Pajcic with a
goal of providing the best service possible to clients
and looking out for the safety of the public. They
had faith good results would follow.


Steve Pajcic receives the first of seven consecutive
St. Petersburg Times Award nominations as the
Most Valuable Member of the State House of


Punitive Damages awarded in Nassau County
jury trial for defendant’s fraud. The verdict is
affirmed on appeal.


Steve Pajcic develops the idea and is the prime
sponsor of a constitutional amendment increasing
the Homestead Exemption for all Florida homeowners
from $5,000 to $25,000.


$2.5 million verdict for factory worker’s loss
of leg in product liability lawsuit for unsafe design
of their conveyor system.


Steve Pajcic wins the hotly contested Democratic
nomination for Governor but is defeated in the
general election and retires from politics.


$8 million verdict for construction worker
who suffered brain injury from a fall because of
third party negligence.


$1 million charitable gift for scholarships
for Paxon High School graduates. Within four
years, UNF has 35 Pajcic Scholars.


Gary and Steve Pajcic run the successful
campaign for Sheriff Nat Glover who becomes
the first African-American Sheriff elected in
Florida since reconstruction.


After five successful appeals, $7 million from
seven different defendants for brain injury to young
software executive. The lawsuit resulted in new signs
marking the entrance and exit.


Senator Bob Graham appoints Gary Pajcic
to the Federal Judicial Nominating Commission.


$3.4 million from sign companies because
their sign posts did not break away as intended.
Lawsuit results in new DOT safety procedures
throughout Florida.


Recall of Firestone tires on Ford Explorers
two weeks after nationwide publicity surrounding
Pajcic & Pajcic’s filing of two wrongful death
lawsuits against Ford and Firestone.


Multimillion dollar malpractice recovery for
medication error from a decimal in the wrong place.
Surgeon agrees to change his discharge procedures
as condition of settlement.


$2.1 million verdict for child’s drowning
due to inadequate fencing around apartment
pool. Lawsuit gives needed publicity to number
one killer of Florida children under five years old.


$2.5 million for the family of the 65 year old
Jacksonville woman who burned to death in her car
after a crash. Newer models have safer fuel tanks.


$1 million donation for teacher bonuses at Annie
R. Morgan Elementary School. Within two years the
school’s FCAT grade goes from F to A.


In what may have been the first State Supreme
Court decision of its kind in the United States, Pajcic
& Pajcic successfully fought to hold a utility company
resonsible for failing to keep its streetlights operating


$3.2 million Federal Court verdict holding FAA
65% responsible for plane crash in fog that
enveloped Jacksonville International Airport.


$10 million verdict for a young wife’s death
from Ford Explorer roof crush. Federal regulations
have since doubled the strength requirements
for SUV roofs.


Georgia doctors pay $1.2 million for
ignoring CT scan that could have saved the life
of a young father.


Gary Pajcic donates $100,000 to fellow Seminole
Warrick Dunn and $100,000 to Gator Danny
Weurffel for their charity programs in New
Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.


Homebuilder agrees to confidential settlement
for Mexican laborer who was left a quadriplegic.
This enables him to return home to live with
his family.


$8 million in settlements for a paralyzed
young man. Signs have since been changed to
provide earlier warning of the dangerous


Apartment complex pays $1.7 million for
teen killed by stray bullet.


$5.2 million verdict is double the
insurance company’s final offer for a truck crash
in Flagler County that killed an elderly


$12.9 million verdict for injuries to
high school student from log truck making a
U-turn on U.S. 1.


Consumers burned by explosions of liquid
candles receive settlements. All manufacturers
recall their products, but some retailers continue
to sell containers and fuel resulting in horrific
injuries and another lawsuit.


$2 million recovery for the family of young
wife and mother killed by a big truck that recklessly
swerved to avoid a car entering U.S. 1.


This year the Pajcic family doubled down on its
charitable giving in pursuit of educational
opportunities for all Jacksonville youth. In previous
years the family has given $1 million to fund
scholarships at UNF for students of Gary and Steve’s
old high school Paxon and an additional $1 million for
teacher bonuses at their old elementary school Annie R.
Morgan. The latest contribution is a gift of $2 million
from Anne and Steve Pajcic to Edward Waters College

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