Pajcic Scholarship Program 2016

Congratulations to our Pajcic Scholarship recipients! More than 400 high school seniors from around Florida wrote an essay on the important topic of “Distracted Driving”. We promised if we had more than 100 applicants we would offer a second set of prizes. Today we are announcing our top six selections. Their scholarship money is a combined total of $34,000 and will be paid directly to their college or university. We will be posting their photos and essays over the next week.

1st place,    Daniel Bernadez, Somerset Academy, Pembroke Pines
1st place,    Arissa Cushnie, Western High School, Davie
2nd place,   Micah Conrad, Stanton College Preparatory, Jacksonville
2nd place, Aravind Byju, Pine View School, Sarasota
3rd place, Annie Phifer, Berkeley Preparatory School, Tampa
3rd place, Sean Reilly, St. John Neumann High School, Naples


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • A resident of Florida
  • Planning to attend an institution of higher learning in the United States
  • A high school senior in the state of Florida


In order to be considered for one of the three scholarships, you must submit the following:

  • A completed Application Form (if any information is missing, the application will not be accepted). Please print the Application Form and fill it out. You should scan the completed form and return it by email along with your essay.
  • An original essay no less than 600 and no more than 900 words which focuses on Distracted Driving. Choose any of the following :
  1. Distracted Driving and Me.” A personal story about either yourself or a close family member that was affected by distracted driving.
  2. Distracted Driver Awareness Campaign.” A personal story about an awareness campaign you have personally organized or administrated.
  3. Why You Shouldn’t Text and Drive.” An article appealing to young drivers that conveys the message that distracted driving is dangerous.

Please submit your completed Application Form and essay by email to All documents must be submitted in a readable format (.doc, .docx or .pdf).

Start of Submission of Application: FEBRUARY 1, 2016
Deadline of Submission of Application: APRIL 1, 2016
Send completed materials to:


Submitted entries will be reviewed by the firm and then be judged on the creativity and merit of entries. Law Firm Scholarship award recipients will be notified by email of their selection on or before MAY 15, 2016.

First Prize: $10,000 scholarship
Second Prize: $5,000 scholarship
Third Prize: $2,000 scholarship

The Law Firm Scholarship is to be used exclusively for tuition at an institution of higher learning and related expenses such as books, supplies, etc.  An award check will be made payable directly to the college or educational institution that the award recipient will be attending.  If we receive more than 100 applications, there will be a second set of prizes (of the same amounts).


All entries submitted to the Law Firm of Pajcic & Pajcic in connection with this contest, along with all copyright, trademark and other proprietary rights associated therewith, become the property of the Law Firm of Pajcic & Pajcic upon submission.

Entry materials will not be returned to any entrant. By submitting an entry, you acknowledge that if you win the scholarship contest, Law Firm of Pajcic & Pajcic will own all rights to publish and promote the submission.


All entrants agree that they consent to the use of their name and area of residence, as well to the use of their likeness (as in a photograph) and prize information.


Should you have any inquiry or concern regarding the scholarship program, please contact: